Estonian bogs, untouched for thousands of years, are a place of pristine nature, where the air is always fresh, flora lush and water clean.
In a number of specific locations in the bog one can find peat with extremely high concentrations of humic substances. This form of peat is often considered the best natural medicine for human skin as it has been able to lock in minerals and bioactive substances from the plants growing in these undisturbed conditions, for over thousands of years.


Unique in composition, rich in effects

Over thousands of years, Estonian health peat has accumulated many useful bioactive substances and minerals that are easily absorbed into the skin cells and help improve the texture of the skin. The best peat for cosmetic use is well-decomposed and has a high level of humic substances.
Peat quality and consistency depends on several factors: geographic location, range of flora in the particular region and environmental factors such as extremely low air and soil pollution. Estonia has ideal conditions for natural high-quality peat production.
What makes peat special is the variety of bioactive substances and minerals in it, which man-made lab technology is not yet able to replicate.

The key ingredients in peat and the effect of these on skin:

Humic acid and minerals bind harmful substances in the deep layers of the skin and remove these toxins from the organism. The result is a clean skin with a glowing complexion.
Fulvic acid balances and thus prolongs the life of skin cells, helping to slow the skin’s ageing process.  
Hymatomelanic acid smoothes the skin, enhances the texture and helps heal micro-wounds.
The peat used in the Aesti product range contains high levels of these ingredients, is 100% organic, laboratory tested and certified to comply with the European Union cosmetics safety requirement.