Natural peat facial mask 15 ml


The Aesti facemask, made of 100% pure filtered Estonian peat, has a deeply purifying and cleansing effect and is thus suitable for all skin types, including problematic skin. Regular usage of the face mask (1-2 times per week) will help ensure increased circulation, cell renewal and removal of damaging toxins. Further the Aesti facemask acts as a regulatory agent to re-establish the normal pH-balance of the skin while supplying the skin with vital nutrients, ensuring a healthier, renewed and youthful complexion and texture.


  • Deep cleansing – gives your facial skin natural purity
  • Youthful beauty – the fulvic acids balances skincells, extending lifetime
  • Silky smooth – the minerals and bioactive acids penetrate deep into the skin, improving elasticity


100% filtered balneological peat.

What makes the packaging special:

The Aesti facemask comes in a smart sachet packaging which allows for three important features for the user:

1. The pure filtered peat facemask is always fresh.

2. The facemask is always hygienically uncompromised.

3. Each sachet contains the perfect amount of product per single use, ensuring maximum results.



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